‘Cocaine & tapas’ diet plan unhealthy says Yahoo Way of life, stating the painfully obvious

‘Cocaine & tapas’ diet plan unhealthy says Yahoo Way of life, stating the painfully obvious

An Australian social mass media influencer has candidly admitted the trick to her slim physique was a diet plan of “cocaine and tapas.” In a tweet marketing an article about the mum-of-two, Yahoo way of living felt the need to state the obvious.
The 25-year-old Australian model and parenting blogger Ruby Tuesday Matthews lately did an Ask Me Anything with her over 193,000 followers. When asked how she took care of such a svelte physique, Matthews provided an unexpectedly candid solution that not many had been expecting from the mother-of-two.

“I did a whole lot of cocaine, like a great deal,” she stated in the video. “So essentially I simply smoked cigarettes, had very long blacks and do coke. And among, experienced the tapas. Like my entire life was tapas and cocaine.”
Nevertheless, in a tweet promoting articles about Matthews and how she switched her life around, Yahoo felt the necessity to describe that such a diet was, perhaps, not really recommended.

Matthews described how, before having her two kids, she’d subsist on “cocaine, dark coffee and smoking cigarettes” with the casual Spanish snack.

“The role influencers play in affecting their followers’ lifestyle decisions is absolutely scary,” Marissa Meshulam, a dietitian and nutritionist, told Yahoo.

“People look at influencers as ‘goals’ in so many ways. Followers after that try everything to reproduce their influencers’ lifestyles, convinced that they too can perform these goals.’”

Obviously, reactions were derisive, sardonic and hilarious in equivalent measure.

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