Comfortable Shoes Are Now Environment-Friendly: The Driving a car Idea Behind Neeman’s

Comfortable Shoes Are Now Environment-Friendly: The Driving a car Idea Behind Neeman’s

  • Neeman’s is the initial in India to make use of Australian Merino Wool in shoes
  • The business focusses on creating comfortable shoes for all-day wear
  • Neeman’s is switching to natural & renewable fibers more than traditional ways of using synthetic materials for shoes

All organic, stylish, and comfortable shoes, which focus on all your needs and also have the potential to carefully turn into an ecological revolution – appears like an ideal sustainable business idea, correct?


Founder duo Taran Chhabra and Amar Preet Singh have previously put this business idea into action and so are on their way to achieve their objective with Neeman’s, an on the web but not-yet-another shoe company. In an initial in India, the Hyderabad-based startup has thought of a line of sneakers – sneakers, loafers, and joggers – created from Merino Wool fiber that’s environment-friendly as well.

Therefore, how did the founders strike upon the thought of making sustainable shoes? Well, all of the clichés that you hear about lifestyle suddenly start seeming accurate while traveling. And, occasionally, your experiences can provide birth to a business idea – a chance which has the potential to turn into a revolution.

The theory behind Neeman’s came into being when Chhabra was traveling, and he almost missed a train, for the reason that over-packing! At fault was individual pairs of sneakers for specific actions and it had been the ‘no one-size-fits-all’ issue that led Chhabra to begin considering designing one multi-purpose shoe that would be comfy for all-day time wear – become it informal or formal dressing must even exercise and also do other activities.

Comfortable Shoes ARE ACTUALLY Environment-Friendly: The Operating Idea Behind Neeman’s

Neeman’s founders Amar Preet Singh (L) Taran Chhabra

While about his quest to carefully turn this idea into a fact, Chhabra traveled extensively to comprehend the way the shoe production market worked. It was after that he understood the magnitude of environmentally friendly hazards due to the industry.

“What I saw was puzzling, what We found was disturbing, because every material that switches into the sneakers is either man-made or manmade,’’ says Chhabra.

Most shoes available for sale use synthetics, plastic material, petroleum byproducts, liquid petroleum gas, and gas, resulting in a large amount of pollution with excessive skin tightening and (CO2) emissions. The products are non-biodegradable, take years to decompose – in place, they are really hazardous to the surroundings.

What started mainly because a need suddenly converted into an altruistic mission. The single-minded desire to create Neeman’s’ shoes as nature-friendly as feasible, while generating them in the most sustainable method, became a pledge for the cofounders.

Taking The High Street: The Producing Of Neeman’s Shoes
The Neeman’s founders wished to blaze a fresh trail by completely ditching synthetic components in the shoes they produced. Normally, it wasn’t easy – a whole lot of learning from your errors went into the producing of the sneakers until, finally, the founders chanced upon Merino Wool. The wool, which originates from Merino sheep in Australia, is naturally renewable, soft, anti-bacterial, moisture-absorbing, odor-resistant and made to be worn throughout the year. Additionally, it is very durable. It had been precisely what they needed.

The company collaborated with The Woolmark Company in developing the Merino Wool fabric. “I reached out to an organization called the Woolmark Organization, a nonprofit funded by Australian wool farmers. I told them how India is usually a big marketplace and how these wool-based shoes will be great for Indian weather conditions and that people could perform with environment-friendly footwear,’’ Chhabra explained.

Then started the procedure of designing these sustainable shoes. Neeman’s shoes comprise a removable shoe insole manufactured from renewable rubber and castor bean essential oil, instead of the commonly used, dangerous petroleum-based oil. The footwear lining is abrasion-resistant, smooth, and durable and ideal for the Indian climate, both for intense summers and winters.

A People’s Brand, Sustainable COMPLETELY
As the founder duo began on the shoemaking journey with the original considered designing a multi-purpose shoe, Neeman’s later made a decision to come up with several styles, but nonetheless limited it to three – a sneaker, a loafer, and a jogger. Mainly created for men, these sneakers are, nevertheless, unisex. They are costed up to $91 (INR 6,500) and Neeman’s can be likely to roll out sneakers for ladies in 2019.

Neeman’s follows a direct-to-consumer model because of its product sales through its internet site and includes a seven-day trial plan where customers can come back the shoes if indeed they don’t like them.

Being eco-friendly is indeed ingrained in the DNA of the business that even the boxes utilized to ship the boot are 85% recycled waste materials paper. Ensuring successful and humane working circumstances for his or her employees and the employees who assemble their shoes is definitely paramount for the founders plus they ensure that each hyperlink in the source chain resonates with the objective of the company.

“It’s always likely to be considered a brand that customers are likely to want to end up being connected with because they start to see the worth of sustainability in addition to comfort with the shoes,’’ says Chhabra.

Neeman’s has no programs of liaising with other e-commerce players right now but plans to open up experiential offline shops to allow its customers to see the sneakers before purchasing them.

Wool-Based Sneakers: A Rising Trend Globally
Wool-based shoes have already been gaining popularity around the world, be it for comfort, style, or just because they’re an ecologically mindful choice.

While speaking of woolen shoes, the first name that pops up may be the famous San Francisco-based brand – AllBirds – which continued to be valued at $1.4 Bn in only 2 yrs since its inception. The brand, which, as well, makes sneakers from Merino Wool, has turned into a household name popular, comparable to PUBG in video games. Everyone who can is certainly sporting a couple of AllBirds. AllBirds’ objective is producing eco-friendly shoes and the brand has been able to spread that sentiment to its clients.

While Neeman’s is aligned in spirit with the environmentally conscious purchaser, we will need to wait and view for its influence in India, taking into consideration the slightly steep cost points of the sneakers, the street conditions in the united states, and the overall apprehension folks have about trying something brand-new. The business, however, has begun with a positive client response and is quite hopeful that more folks join Mission Neeman’s.

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