It finally stopped moving’: Colorado runner on how he survived lion attack

It finally stopped moving’: Colorado runner on how he survived lion attack

Each time a young mountain lion clamped its teeth onto the hand of a Colorado trail runner and clawed in his encounter, Travis Kauffman screamed aside a “barbarian yell”, and jammed his best feet onto the animal’s throat, holding this presently there till he eventually prevailed in a battle to get survival.

After having a couple of moments, Kauffman remembered Thursday night, “it finally halted shifting and after that, the jaws opened up and I could kind of scramble back up the hill and get the bejesus out of Dodge. ”Through it all, Kauffman recalled, the cat continued to be eerily quiet. It was the initial period Kauffman, 31, publicly recounted the four Feb challenge that still left the kitty deceased and him with 28 stitching and popularity pertaining to toughness and bravery that belies his wiry framework.

“I will certainly by no means end up being able to meet the status, ” explained Kauffman, who stands 5ft 10in (1.5 meters) and weighs in at about 150lb (70kg). “The tale is usually larger than my weak type. ”Kauffman said having been working a path inside the mountains west of Fortification Collins if he heard pine needles rustle at the rear of him. He switched to observe the slope lion regarding 10f capital t (3 meters) aside. “One of my worst type of worries was confirmed, ” he said.

That cat lunged. Kauffman elevated his hands and screamed, “ performing my personal barbarian shout ”, he mentioned. The dog locked the teeth on to his arm and they wheeled off the part of the trek. An influx of dread rolled more than him, this individual said, and he concerned that the animal’s full-grown mom would sign up for the assault to defend her offspring, yet no additional cat made an appearance.

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